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Resolved Question: Pet supplies?
Where can i find the best pet supplies

Resolved Question: Pet supplies?
other that dr foster and smith and petsmart where are some good cheap places to get dog/cat/ ferret/bird supplies i mean toys and dishes not food or bedding i mean like a place i can get the same stuf just cheaper online toys, litter boxes, v neck harness, food and water bowls is what i need

Resolved Question: Has anyone ever attempted a pet supply drive?
Ouyr rescue has sched. a pet supply drive for next weekend, benefiting us and the city shelter. Has anyone everdone this before ? How was your turnout?

Resolved Question: Do certain pet supplies expire?
I'm aware that things like the dog food and treats expire. What about the pet odor neutralizing products, like Nature's Miracle? Do they expire and if so, how long is the shelf life? What about dog shampoo or conditioner? This one might be stupid, but I'm just not sure: What about Nylabones? The ones that are "flavored?" Also: What is the best odor neutralizer for puppy accidents? (In your opinion.) Thank you ahead of time.

Resolved Question: Starting a Pet supply Business?
So I have a big passion for Pets mostly dogs and am thinking of starting my own business/career in the industry I would like to start a store front store one day but would rather start something like an online store! I'm just unsure where I should start whether I should start selling or making products I am also artistic and like creating things and have thought maybe I can take that art creativity into something I've also thought of dog training Although I am aware that that takes a lot of patience and a lot of dedication any thoughts of where I should start my pet career?

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