Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Cats Pet Supplies
Resolved Question: Cheaper to buy cat food & litter at pet supplies store?
I usually buy my cats food and litter at the grocery store (meijer, walmart) while i'm buying groceries, but i was wondering if it might be cheaper to buy it at a chain pet supplies store like petsmart or petco... or maybe even a small locally owned pet shop? What would you suggest as the cheapest place to buy my cat's supplies?

Resolved Question: Pet supplies?
other that dr foster and smith and petsmart where are some good cheap places to get dog/cat/ ferret/bird supplies i mean toys and dishes not food or bedding i mean like a place i can get the same stuf just cheaper online toys, litter boxes, v neck harness, food and water bowls is what i need

Resolved Question: Cat supplies?????????????
i'm adopting a kitty cat soon. It is only about five weeks old (yes i know they should be adopted at 8 weeks, but this one was abandoned!) and im gonna adopt him hopefully this tuesday. I need to know the VERY BEST brands of cat food and litter. I don't want value brands from some store (well maybe if they are good..), I need the MOST effective stuff. I need the most powerful brand of kitty litter because i cant stand the smell, and i want the best brand of food because i want my kitty to live long and healthy. Price doesn't matter that much, but i mean if its seventy dollars thats redonkulous. Please help me give it the best life possible @chris, I'm sure your mom is just as smart as you!( which isnt much to begin with..)

Resolved Question: If i want to start a homebased cat and dog pet supply business, how can i get my inventory? ?
We're wanting to start a pet supply business catering exclusively to dogs and cats. How would I start collecting my inventory? We make ourselves dog and cat houses, signs, but how do we start collecting our other inventory?

Resolved Question: Pet supply store recommended "Vet's Best" "Hot Spot Spray" for my cat's allergy problem, but the bottle says..?
"for Dogs" on it. I didn't notice it until I got home after buying it (My fault... It was pretty plainly marked), but the pet supply store specifically recommended it for my cat's flea bite allergy problem... He scratches himself a lot even though the fleas are gone. The active ingredients are chamomile, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Is there any reason NOT to use this spray on a cat? Is it safe for felines?

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