Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Horses Pet Supplies
Resolved Question: Pet supplies?
Where can i find the best pet supplies

Resolved Question: What supplies do I need for a pet horse?
I know the general things and I had a list but it was on my other computer but it broke so It's lost now. I'm starting to buy supplies before the horse (I know NOT to get things that needed to be fitted). I've already bought 2 lead ropes and about to buy 2 halters, in the near future, a grooming kit. What other supplies do I need? Here's some of the things I know to get: Grooming Kit Lead ropes Halters Shampoo Lunge line Lunge whip Buckets hay net/rack (depends which place I board) Hoof conditioner First aid kit(also please put a list of first aid kit supplies needed) Fly spray Saddle Pad(maybe) Any other things that I need? Thank you! 🙂 I ONLY PUT 'PET HORSE' BECAUSE IT PUTS IT IN DIFFERENT CATEGORIES IF I DON'T SPECIFY IT!

Resolved Question: Best place to buy pet supplies?
What's the best place on the web to buy web supplies. I'm in Australia. I had this great site that was way cheaper than pet shops and most other place and than I lost my bookmark and can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called. Pet supplys I'm talking pets not webs. Excuse the english. Mainly cats and dogs.

Resolved Question: Stall bedding for my horse...Woody Pet?
I've owned my horse for six years and have always kept him outside all the time (he has a run-in-stall for bad weather or whenever he wants to go in). During the winter the pasture got very very muddy so this winter I have been putting him in his stall (I take him out to exercise/walk him a few times a day though) with wood shavings but I do not like them. I find it somewhat difficult to clean, they are VERY expensive around here and don't last long! I went to my friend's house and she uses "Woody Pet" bedding and I really found it easy to clean out the stalls (when I was helping her). I am trying to locate a dealer around here. Has anybody here used Woody Pet and have something to say about? Or do you know of another bedding that is safe and easy to use?

Resolved Question: Cost of pet horse care?
What is the overall startup cost for a horse including brushes, but not including the horse. Also, how much pasture doo they need to graze at a minimum, and how much would that cost for fencing? We will already have a barn and 2 acres when if we move.

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