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Resolved Question: How to sell animals to pet supplies plus?
I currently have two cages of chinchillas(both with a pair). I have been selling the babies to friends an family but was wondering what i have to get to sell to pet stores. Im sure there is a license of some sort but not sure.Thanks

Resolved Question: Are big apple pet supplies animals good quality?
i'm looking to buy a tegu and they sell them very cheap. i was wondering if anyone has boughten a bad animal from them or if they're good

Resolved Question: Can Pet Supplies Plus order animals?
I would like to buy 2 ferrets of different specific colors at the same time. Does anyone know if Pet Supplies Plus can order specific ferret colors for a customer? -Thanks

Resolved Question: Pet supplies?
other that dr foster and smith and petsmart where are some good cheap places to get dog/cat/ ferret/bird supplies i mean toys and dishes not food or bedding i mean like a place i can get the same stuf just cheaper online toys, litter boxes, v neck harness, food and water bowls is what i need

Resolved Question: Can I buy an animal at pets supplies plus if i am under 18 without a parent?
Dont ask why lol just a simple yes or no. My mom said my sister could get a small pet and we want to go today! I am 17, can I?

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