Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Reptiles Pet Supplies
Resolved Question: Wholesale Pets and Pet Supplies websites?
what are some good places on the net that sell wholesale pets (reptiles, fish, etc) and pet supplies for all types of small animals?

Resolved Question: Choosing a pet reptile?
so for my birthday i want to get a pet reptile of some sort. im looking for a not too expensive reptile than can be/like to be handled. and im leaning more towards a lizard or snake. any help or info? *i already have a dog

Resolved Question: What kind of snake is this? Thanks.

Resolved Question: Pet Ideas (Reptiles)?
I've decided to get my boyfriend his long-awaited wish for Christmas, a pet. I talked to his parents, and they're fine with it. I've saved up enough money for the pet and tank and first food supply. But... I don't know what to get. So please help me, anyone with experience with exotic pets. Guidelines -cannot be too large (no more than 2-3 feet) -Live feeds are not preferable -not too expensive care - His house does have other animals, and while I expect them not to even meet, something not incredibly aggressive to be safe. -He is responsible in terms of feeding and cleaning -Reptiles and snakes OK -Not something impossible for me to find at the local pet stores Thank you so much!

Resolved Question: Big Apple Pet Supply?
Does Big Apple Pet Supply charge you for shipping? Or do they have free shipping? One last question, does anybody know where I can buy Cheap California King Snakes in Texas besides Craigslist? Please be specific (:

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