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Resolved Question: Conditions of Pet Supply "Plus" small animals?
Tomorrow I am going there for some supplies for my gerbils. While we were there I was thinking about purchasing the gerbils at that store. (we don't have a breeder or shelter close by) How are the conditions there? Are the Gerbils there healthy? Do they Treat their animals like some Petsmart Petco and Petland? Thanks bye!

Resolved Question: Cheap small animal (ie: hamsters and guinea pigs) pet supplies store around vancouver, burnaby or richmond?
i am mainly from east vancouver and i am looking for some cheap pet supplies store. i am widening my search by including burnaby and richmond because i really can't find any cheap pet supplies store. pet habitat, pj's pets, petcetera, and tisol are selling expensive stuff for my hamster and two guinea pigs. 🙁 i'm just a student with low income and i really love my pets. hope someone can help me. ps: it would be a great help if you can include a detailed information where i can find the store you are recommending. thank you and bless your heart.

Resolved Question: Pet supplies?
other that dr foster and smith and petsmart where are some good cheap places to get dog/cat/ ferret/bird supplies i mean toys and dishes not food or bedding i mean like a place i can get the same stuf just cheaper online toys, litter boxes, v neck harness, food and water bowls is what i need

Resolved Question: Where to get small animal pet supplies on the net, in Canada?
Where to get small animal pet supplies on the net, in Canada? Does anyone know of a good online store to get pet supplies? The stores near here don't carry a lot of the stuff I see on the net on US based stores/online stores. Does anyone use online stores...? One of them, petco or petsmart, tried charging me 63$ for a 4$ igloo.... The other one, you have to call and ask about shipping to Canada.

Resolved Question: Petco or other pet supply stores?
is it true that they keep some small animals in pet supply stores like petco? if they do what type of animals?

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