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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Plumbing
Resolved Question: Plumbing apprenticeship?
Do I have to go to college or can I just do apprenticeship? Or both? Anything helps, thanks

Resolved Question: 486school training facility plumbing ?
I live in Baltimore, has anyone tried this with success at becoming a plumber

Resolved Question: Experience as a plumber?
Hi all, im going to be finishing college next fall. I am not the type of person to be sitting in a cubicle all day or at a computer. I need to be moving around, or keep my hands busy doing practical things. I am trying to figure out which career I should pursue and trade careers have peaked my interest. I am thinking about trying to get a plumbing apprenticeship after school. Can anyone tell me what it is like having plumbing as a career? (Not just pay, but the actual experience and job availability) Any information on other trades are welcome as well. Thank you all

Resolved Question: Who the **** is joe the plumber?
He has just been in the news lately and i dont even know who this guy is!

Resolved Question: What is a plumb line?

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