Bathroom Plumbing

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Resolved Question: Very Elaborate Bathroom/Plumbing Dream?
I have dreams about very elaborate bathrooms. The first bathroom is one from a gym and it always changes slightly. You turn around one corner and there is a row of lockers, another corner is a row of showers, and another is a row of stalls. They are all weird too, like they never really give enough privacy like the walls of the stall are to the top of the toilet and that's it, or if they do give enough privacy then they are really gross and messy with poo to the top running over. There are usually a lot of people running around using all the other stalls too. Then there are dreams about elaborate personal bathrooms with built in wall tubs and a butt washer thing in the middle of the floor surrounded by really soft pink plush rugs. Along the same lines I often have dreams about pools that are really elaborate, like they have three or four different partsm some clean, some not, some hot tub like, and they mix in with each other. Very elaborate. What does this mean?

Resolved Question: Question About Bathroom Plumbing and Water Flow?
My next door neighbor had plumbing work done and we share some of the same pipes. Now our water flow has lessened. What would have to be done to the bathroom plumbing to make the water flow stronger in the bathtub? Hi lmtalk: When the plumber working next door turned off the water to the building,(to do the plumbing work) then turned it back on, my water did not come back on. But everyone else had water. We had to alert them to the problem. What do you think that is?

Open Question: Question about bathroom plumbing?
sometimes when i am taking a shower, the watercloset (toilet) bubbles a few times. Is this a bad sign, what could be causing this? sewer is fine I check it everyday. if anything is going to stop up its a pipe inside the house. i check the sewage syst everyday cause its an old house built in 1980 and im kinda ocd about the sewage malfunctioning. But im 100% pos the sewage is not backed up.

Resolved Question: Can the average person repair or replace bathroom plumbing with do it yourself books?

Resolved Question: Bathroom Plumbing?
I have two baths that I want to upgrade the plumbing on. I want to install trim kits for both tubs. Both tubs have Gerber fixtures in them. I am only able to find one Gerber trim kit on the market for a three valve setup. Will this one kit actually fit all three valve Gerber pipes? It seems odd that only one trim kit is available. I am trying to avoid disappointment as I need to order these & have them shipped. If they don't fit I will probably have a struggle returning them for a refund. Thanks!

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