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Resolved Question: Kitchen Sink Plumbing Question?
Hello all! I realize this might be the dumbest thing to ask of you all, but I really need help figuring out plumbing under my kitchen sink. Today my wife and I purchased a new kitchen sink from Lowes for the home that we had built a year ago. The reason was that the old sink was very shallow and splashed EVERYWHERE. While talking with the sales person at Lowes I explained what we currently had and he knew what we were getting (deeper sink, but one side an inch deeper than the other) and he said that we wouldn't need any new existing plumbing other than possibly one pipe, which we got to be safe. Anyway, I got the sink installed easily enough and now I can not figure out the plumbing! Nothing seems to fit and I really don't want to cut any of the pipes before really knowing that I'm supposed to be cutting them where I am cutting them, if I even need to. I've attached some pics so you can see what I'm dealing with. The first picture is what it looked like with the old sink. The second is what it looks like now. And the third pic is of all the parts that I have Also, not sure if urls would post, so remove the space before the .com to see the pics. http://tinypic .com/r/35jvxux/5 http://tinypic .com/r/x3fsj4/5 http://tinypic .com/r/14jvosn/5 So... Please please please help!!! Thank you in advance!!

Resolved Question: Kitchen sink plumbing?
Problem. The drain plumbing is leaking. The home is 20 years old, and the plumbing here is metal. The setup is as follows: Double sink joined under the sink emptying into a single outgoing drain. Also, a dishwasher inlet is connected to the waste flow of one of the drain piping. How hard a job is to replace all the plumbing leading from the sink drain into the outlet drain (no leaking here)? Can I use plastic instead of metal? If I can use plastic, is it practical for me to do it myself (with good advise, I can do most anything, like change the brakes on my car)? Are there any articles on how to do this? If I send for a plummer, how much $ can I expect to replace the pipes from the kitchen drain?

Resolved Question: Kitchen sink plumbing question.?
So I have had this continous plumbing problem in my house. I rent it and had been waiting for sometime for the landlord to have my kitchen sink repaired. The pipes underneath kept leaking. After years she finally went to get it fixed, first by her husband who used a cheaptastic walmart repair kit washer. That worked for a little while, then eventually it was leaking like crazy and they had a "plumber" come. Turns out he was a construction worker, he brought a friend. The deemed one of the pipes to small. They replaced the pipe. The construction worker grimaced and said "hopefully that does it." It was good for about a week then it was leaking bad again. Pulled some things out of the pipe and said I had hindered the flow and the backflow could of caused the leak, he said however he tightened everything up and hopefully there should be no problems. Within two days it was leaking again, not bad but still leaking. He came over again with an employee. They found a couple things in the drain and blamed it on that. It leaked once more a day or two after but it was a freak thing and hasn't leaked since. That was about 3 weeks ago. So he tells his findings to the landlord, the landlord says its our fualt and we have to pay and sicked this "plumber" on us. It doesn't make sense first off that if my pipes weren't clogged how was there such a hindrance to cause a leak? Is this really possibly my fault? I said I would pay him, I would have to short change my landlord cuz I don't have the extra cash, but I'm not paying him if he is pulling our chain. Which it feels like he is. My question is in there: Is this really possibly my fault?

Resolved Question: Urgent kitchen plumbing kitchen smells like human excrement.?
There was an awful smell (like poo ) coming from the kitchen so I found it was coming form under the sink. I could see there was water leakage somewhere, and one pipe seemed to be the source, I moved the pipe a bit and a load of brown liquid came out, and it smelt really bad. You can see a picture here; ...the pipe in question is the white one to the left. Is this actually sewage? It smells really like it, but surely the plumbing wouldn't be fitted in such a way as to allow waste to come back up to the sink? About 5 days ago I took the washing machine (which is just to the left of the sink) out to paint the kitchen floor. So maybe I disturbed something by doing that, but I can't see where this white pipe should go, so I've no idea how to fix this. Any help would be really greatly appreciated.

Resolved Question: Would you rather work in a Kitchen or as Plumber?
Would you rather work in a Kitchen or as Plumber?

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