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Resolved Question: Is a washing machine considered a plumbing fixture?
I live in an apartment in SEATTLE. We have better laws than most of the rest of the country for landlord-tenant responsibilities. Besides light bulbs and smoke-detector batteries, essentially all else needing repair is the landlords responsibility unless the tenant damages it themselves. Not every little tiny nook and cranny is listed in the lease for repairs like it appears most other states require. A washing machine that the landlord supplied in my rental unit IS the the landlords responsibility to fix. NOW that we got the FACTS out of the way: Is a washing machine considered a plumbing fixture? Landlord tenant law states that there needs to be repair for all plumping fixtures within 72 hrs. My washing machine needs repair, notified landlord one week ago, so I am trying to figure out when landlord has gone beyond that time frame. (No bitter mad-at-all-tenants-questions-on-yahoo-answers type of landlords need respond)

Resolved Question: Looking for Made In USA plumbing fixtures.?
Who manufacrures plumbing fixtures in the US. I'm sick of having to buy products made in China. Thank you!!!

Resolved Question: Fixture unit- plumbing services?
hi there... what is fixture unit per fixture in plumbing? for example when we are saying that we have fixture unit per fixture = 2.5 what is the 2.5? and how much liters/sec are?? thank you!!!

Resolved Question: What is this Plumbing Fixture called?
This braided metal hose that connects the toilet to the water supply valve leaks. We are not sure if we can obtain this item from a hardware shop. Called a plumber but he quoted $150 to $200 to replace the item. It's too costly for a simple replacement. My husband can definitely repair it if we can find the replacement item. Does anyone know the correct term for this bathroom/toilet fixture? I can then call the hardware stores to check if they carry the item. How much will the part cost approximately? http://www.flickr.com/photos/pix_r_us/5029006046/in/photostream/ Appreciate your help!!

Resolved Question: Identify the manufacturer of old plumbing fixtures?
I need to find repair parts for a toilet. It is stamped 1954 and has a logo SAG. Can anyone identify the manufacturer?

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