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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Plumbing Parts And Accessories
Resolved Question: I need manufacturing facility of very high quality solid brass bathroom / plumbing parts like faucets parts?
pressure balance handles, shower assemblies etc. I particularly wouldn't consider huge quantities but medium and small like 200 pcs. 100 pcs. etc. But the quality has to be very high for using in premier hotels. Do you know any such company...........?

Resolved Question: What are some good performance parts and accessories companies?
I am starting a performance power sports shop and need some catalogs for dealer parts but need company names first. I have Jireh cycles and K an N on board. Any other good ones that I can get some catalogs and support from?

Resolved Question: Moen faucet replace Q - plumber ignored Moen's red & blue washers etc.?
Upon faucet installation, the plumber said "don't worry about it" when I showed him the red/blue round thingies which came in the pak with the Moen Muirfield faucet. He also did not use the big brass nuts which came in the pak as well, but rather seemed to have used the ones which were already in the innards of the base cabinet.. Should I be concerned about this? Can the respondents please clarify the following comments: "The nuts and washer,are used when you change the supply." Also not sure what was meant by the red & blue thingies being "packaging". They looked like washers to me.

Resolved Question: What would be the cost to put in a new bathroom sink with other accessories?
My bathroom has an old sink that needs to be replaced. At the same time, the faucet and related items would be replaced. If I hired a handy man what would be the estimated cost to me for removing the old and putting in a new sink with all the related items including labor and parts? What would be the estimated cost if a plumber did the job? The new sink would not be anything fancy, just a standarized sink that would be used in a condominium. Thanks

Resolved Question: How to learn basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry for DIY use in my home?
Please, serious answers only. I'd love to hear from professionals in these fields - and not sarcastic 14 year olds giving advice. 🙂 I DO NOT want a career in any of these fields - I have a successful career as a marketing executive. However, as a single fearless woman who just bought her second house, I want to enhance my limited DIY skills so that I can tackle more projects myself (saving money and gaining satisfaction of doing it myself!) Again, I work full time and am NOT looking for a career or to be licensed, so I dont have the flexibility or time to do apprenticeships, journeymen positions, or working in the trade (unless this is the only wait to gain the experience I am looking for). So, is trail and error the only way? Is book learning and trying things hands on in my home enough? Thanks for any good advice. And any advice for the must have tools in each area would be great, as well. Thanks! Wow...great answers...thanks guys! I'll look for some geneal books, use the wealth of the internet, and use good old trial and error. The idea of night classes is a great idea as well... Thanks again! Jules

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