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Resolved Question: Pool accessories heaters solar covers?
This may sound like a dumb question, but I am trying to find cost-effective ways to heat my 18' by 4 foot pool. If I bought 2 solar covers, would that help insulate the pool water. I have 1 solar cover now, but it only warms up about approx. 10 inches from the top down. Thanks

Resolved Question: Do you need a fence if you have a pool that is 12x39 in the city of philadelphia?

Resolved Question: What is booster seat in spa?
How booster seats are easily handled…

Resolved Question: How do I set up a RP600 Filter Pump for a pool?
I'm using a summer escapes pool but totally confused on how to set up the specific filter can anyone give my written instructions or a video? thanks

Resolved Question: For those who own an indoor swimming pool?
I am curious to know if those who have an indoor pool: 1) use it as often, or not as often as they expected 2) regret installing it (due to lack of use, or expense of maintenance) 3) have it heated or not heated 4) would prefer having an outdoor pool, or perhaps a spa 5) have (or would like to have) other accessories that make a pool more enjoyable (ex. water slide, volleyball net, resistance swimming jets etc). 6) Anything else about your pool owning experience that you would like to share. Please do not answer if you just have an outdoor pool or just a spa, I am only interested in those that have an indoor pool. Thank you for your time

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