Pool And Spa Covers

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Pool And Spa Covers
Resolved Question: How often do you fill a pool/spa with water with a hose?
My family is renting a home that has a pool/spa. Both the pool and spa are uncovered. We are getting a bubble wrap like top for the spa, but still have to look for a pool cover. Our pool guy said that we have to fill the pool to a certain point, with a hose, twice a week for two hours each time. Is this true? My parents kind of feel like they are being taken advantage of because they haven't had a pool in a long time, and are worried about the water bill.

Resolved Question: Raypak Pool/Spa Heater?
On average, for an in ground spa, how long should it take to heat? It started at 76 degrees, it's been on for about an hour and is only at 79 degrees. It's a Raypak RP 2100 Digital, if that helps... I don't know how many gallons, it's just an average size. Also, just to humor myself, if I were to heat the pool too, how long would that take and what would the average bill be?

Resolved Question: What is the "green" way to heat my swimming pool and spa with out using gas or electric?
outdoor ingroung pool 10M x 4.5M its 1.4M average depth The spa or hot tub is a 4 seater approx 1500lt with cover

Resolved Question: How much does it cost monthly to have a built-in pool & spa?
I am considering buying a pool home in Riverside County California. I would like to know how much the electricity and pool maintenance costs per month are to help me decide if I really want to buy a home with a built-in pool and spa. What are the pitfalls to pool ownership? Let say its 12' Wide x 18' long by 4' deep. Heated by either gas or electric with a 4 person size spa attached. How much for the pool guy and chemicals too?

Resolved Question: Philly hotels with indoor pool/spa?
my friend and her mom are planning a winter getaway and they both love to swim they are looking for a full service restaurant on site so they dont have to leave the hotel if they dont feel like it. Any suggestions?

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