Pool Chemicals Chlorine

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Resolved Question: What can I substitute for pool chemicals, chlorine, alkalinity, ph etc?
I have had my above ground 15,000 gallon pool up for 2 weeks now. I have already spent 200 bucks on chemicals. Is there anything that I can substitute these chemicals with that is cheaper. Chlorine, alkalinity, ph, flock and I know i am forgetting some stuff oh yeah algaside 60 that kills algae.

I went to pool quite a bit (in summer...quite hot) and my skin became very dark ...I took it as tan but its been four months and there is no change skin tone as well as my skin is dry and it looks completely different pls help is it some reaction with chlorine? cause my eyes get irritatated with it { came to know a bit late}

Resolved Question: What are some pool cleaning chemicals other then chlorine?
it could be methods too

Resolved Question: Pool Chlorine?
After swimming how do i minimize the effects of chlorine. Even after i take a shower i can still smell it on me

Resolved Question: Swimming pool chemical?
Is there any swimming pool chemical in one? What are the factors I need to consider when buying pool chemical aside from chlorine?

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