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Resolved Question: FUN pool games for kids & teenagers!*?
I need some fun pool games for kids 8 and up besides Marco-polo categories and shark & minnows

Resolved Question: What are some really fun pool games?
me and my frndz are having a pool party on friday right before school and we want it to be the best....so yah...anyone have any fun games to play? and what things to bring?

Resolved Question: Games, topics, and More for a pool party?
Tomorrow I am throwing an '8th grade graduation' luau party. I have a pool, multiple toys (balls, water guns, decor, floaties, etc), food, and drinks. Other than the DDRMax going on in the house, adnd a possible poker game, what are some good games that I could make/lead so my party does not seem so empty? Also, what are some good topics to mingle around with my guests? (I am a girl :D) Ages ranging from 4-30! ANYTHING IS ACCEPTED!

Resolved Question: Swimming Pool game?
None of my friends are home, and I was wondering what is a pool game I could play by myself, I have lots of blow up toys (that aren't blown up) Ne thing? Thanks!

Resolved Question: New & old pool games???!?
Its summer so of course everyones out & about around swimming pools! What are some good, fun games to play in the pool w. Or without toys. Besides the ol' marco polo, seriously tired of playing that!

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