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Resolved Question: Upgrading to air tools?
just got a new truck and I want to get air tools for when i start working on it. but i don't know anything about air compressors/tools. i have done some reading around on it but i'm still confused. what things should I look for in a compressor? what things should I stay away from? I remember reading somewhere that some compressors draw more power then a standard electrical outlet can make? Whats that about? could i get a good compressor for ~$300? and what are some tools I should get for working on the truck? thanks for all the help

Resolved Question: What are air compressed tools?
doing some homework and it says 'reducing noise you can use air compressed tools' what are air compressed tools and what do they do?

Resolved Question: What is AIR TOOLS? how much are they?
my boyfrind is into working on cars so for fathers day i want to get him some tools. i want to know what are air tools and how much are they

Resolved Question: Question about Air Tools?
I sort of inherited a cheap set of air tools from friend of mine who didn't have the money to buy an air compressor to power them. Imagine my disappointment when I found the half-inch impact wrench didn't have enough guts to break loose a lug nut on my car. Now, I have a fleet of four cars to care for and an air wrench sure would come in handy. My question is, how much of an air wrench do I need to take off wheels? I looked in Home Depot and found their wrenches had anywhere from 100 to 650 foot-lbs of torque? How much is enough? Also, are there some brands to stay away from? Can I get something from Northern Tool or Harbor Freight or another cut rate place? I won't be using this tool a lot, but I want one which will do the job when I need it to. What does the Gallery say? Thanks, Sandy Thanks for all your answers. I did a little research of my own and found the only air impact wrench Wal-mart sells suffers from the same problem as mine. Harbor Freight has "the classic 1/2" air wrench" from IR for $135. I think I'll splurge a little and get that one rather than take a chance on another cheap tool.

Resolved Question: Air tool repair manuals?
Anybody know where I can find various types of air tool repair manuals?

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