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Resolved Question: Cleaning rusty power tools?
I have inherited a collection of power tools including a jigsaw, two miter saws, a drill, a router and a belt sander. All but the router suffer from a mild to moderate case of rust. They are all still in fine working condition. What is the best way to clean and polish them up for safe and proper use?

Resolved Question: Gas Powered Tools?
Name as many Gas Powered Tools *that have exhaust pipes* as you can. Thank You.

Resolved Question: Which cordless power tool combo?
im looking to buy a good inexpensive power tool combo set. I need to get the sawzaw, drill, trim saw, and the impact drill or driver. The light is optional! Ive been looking at craftsman because of the price, and also porter cable. Anyone has a any good idea which to get let me know! Thanks to all who help!

Resolved Question: Are cummins power tools good?
i went to a tool sale to today in my nabohoood cummins tools was having a liqudation sale and i bought a ten inch sliding compound miter saw for 170 does any one know if there good tools and did i get riped off?

Resolved Question: Chicago brand power tools?
I see these on ebay quite often now, how are they quality wise, accuracy wise, reliability and so on?

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