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Resolved Question: How safe is motorcycle safety gear?
Hi I'm 15 year old girl, I'm planning on doing my cbt at 16 and getting a 50cc moped/motorcycle with the intention to then take my motorcycle license and get a more powerful bike once I'm older enough, the only trouble is I have told my dad about my intention on getting a motorcycle and he is apprehensive and I understand why I am his only daughter and he loves me so he doesn't want to see me get seriously hurt or killed, if I was allowed to get a motorcycle I do intend to wear the full safety gear and I was wondering how safe is safety gear if someone wearing safety gear was to get into a collision at high speed would the damage to the rider be minimal? And has anyone got any idea how I can convince my dad to allow me to get a motorcycle once I'm old enough Hope you can help Thanks you

Resolved Question: Is protective gear really needed while snowboarding?
If I'm mostly cruising the mountain and not trying any crazy tricks.

Resolved Question: Which of the following personal protective gear is required for chemistry experimentation? HelpWithLabSaftey!?
Which of the following personal protective gear is required for chemistry experimentation? Safety glasses Safety glasses, close fitting shirt and pants, closed toed shoes Safety glasses, close fitting shirt and pants, hair tied back Safety glasses, close fitting shirt and pants, hair tied back, natural fibers clothing Measure and transfer small amounts of chemicals to avoid wasting supplies. (Points : 2) True False What are the proper handling procedures when mixing chemicals in a test tube? Shake the tube to speed up the reaction. Hold the end of the test tube away from you. Peer into the test tube to watch the reaction. Use your hand to hold the test tube against the counter. If you could try to explain how you got these answers because I just can find the answers to these questions. Thanks so much to anyone helping deff. gets 10 points!!

Resolved Question: Why do dentists use special protective gear when inserting mercury fillings, yet they are safe in our mouths?

Resolved Question: What are some necessary safety gear for.....?
If there were such thing as a Solar Powered Rod (by rod, i mean like a flying stick like on Harry Potter) what safety gear would be necessary?

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