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Resolved Question: Hi, anyone know where/how to get cheap wholesale lots of clothing & tools?
Any leads would be appreciated and do I need a license to buy? I'm just looking for a deal on multiple items and thought I'd see if anyone knew anything. I'm pretty sure I'll have to buy off line but either way I'm all about options. Thanks!

Resolved Question: How could I take a failing wholesale tool company online?
This company has been around since the 60's but tool sales are dwindling as sales reps are beginning to retire and few have simply switched to another wholesale company. I'm wondering if I would need any special permits to begin selling online? Would I have to create a second business that would buy from my current business? Cause that just gives me a headache

Resolved Question: Where to buy jewelry tools/supplies such as metal stamps, chains (wholesale) in Manila?
Any suppliers, or a specific store that sells wholesale jewelry supplies or tools? I am planning on starting a metal stamping jewelry business and I need to find local suppliers or stores that can provide me with metal blanks (copper,sterling silver etc.), chains, locks, and etc.

Resolved Question: I am looking for a wholesale Candle website?
I am planning a wedding and want candles to be a main decorating tool. Does anyone know a Cheap wholesale candle sight with a good selection?

Resolved Question: Does anyone know where i can purchase wholesale neolithic arrow heads or tools. please no ebay.?

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