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Resolved Question: Projector + Blackout Roller Blind + Window?
I have ordered a Projector for my room. I am also considering purchasing a white blackout roller blind to use in my bedroom window as a screen and I was wondering if I was to project my image onto it, would people from the outside looking in, be able to see the picture projected onto the window? or will the special blackout material on the back of the blind block the image on the reverse so no one would actually see it?

Resolved Question: Whats the name of this type of blind/window?
along time ago i found this strange blind/window on stumbleupon its like a touch screen window, you could change the tint and everything on it. It think it was called a smart window or something but i can't find it.

Resolved Question: When were window blinds invented?

Resolved Question: Messed up window blinds...?
Yeah so, it's been like this for 2 days now and I'm seriously annoyed. I was just fixing them so people next door would quit watching me, and this morning the left side was up higher than the right. I can usually fix this but nothing's working. x.x Google's talking about some thing for PCs, that's not what I mean. <_<

Resolved Question: Ground Blind windows?
First, does this blind (link at the bottom) have a large back window identical to the front? Also, will shoot-through mesh work fine with shotgun, rifle, and bow? Thanks.

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