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Resolved Question: What are some good stores for teen/ childrens bedding or bath? Cheap and cute!?
wall decor mirrors lamps rugs window treatments etc...

Resolved Question: Anyone know this 90's childrens book?
The book was probably written in the 90's and it is a picture book about a princess who always has a messy room. She lived in a castle and i remember the pictures of her room. Thats really all i know. I know its not a lot but i can't imagine a lot of books being about princesses with messy rooms. Thanks!

Resolved Question: Would like suggestions on "freshening" church's fellowship hall.?
The room is approximately 30' x 80' with two large windows spaced along south wall and is used for dining, meetings and gatherings as well as daily use of childcare center for childrens' meals. We would welcome suggestions of color to make this feel warm and welcoming (the new window treatments are a celadon-green roman shade). Also need suggestions for floor covering materials and colors. Naturally, expense is a high priority.

Resolved Question: 13 yr old bedroom design help?
i want a counrty style room not cowgirl 🙂 country! can u please give me some websites with teen country style rooms? and also suggest some pretty neutrel colors for my room thank you so much

Resolved Question: I have a light pink and brown zebra room. What cute things could i do with my room?
I have a reversible bedspread, one side brown with pink trim and the other side is brown and creme zebra with pink trim and stuff. It looks like the one at but the pink is lighter. any ideas?

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