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Resolved Question: Curtain rods????
I have a big problem here. I have two sliding doors that are tight together at a corner. creating a 90◦ angle. So two ends of the rods will be tight together....and no rod fits, given that they all have this decorative knots at the end. What can I do??? I want to have a new decoration ready to surprise my husband on Saturday... thanks

Resolved Question: What are the "box like" valances over curtains and rods called?
We are installing new darkening curtains panels in our bedroom, but the sunlight keeps peeking out through the top by the curtain rod when fully closed. Some high end hotels have the top of the curtains surrounding the entire rod up to the ceiling - enclosed by a valance type thing that blocks out the sunlight, but I cant find them anywhere or know what they are really called... any ideas?

Resolved Question: Curtain Rods for Wall to Wall Windows, HELP!!!?
Hi everyone, I need to find curtain rods for one of my walls. Basically, the entire wall is a window (sliding glass doors). So this means that I cannot mount curtain rods using the traditional hardware because there is no drywall, just window basically. Does anyone know what type of curtain rod I wouuld need? I would preferably like to do a double rod. Thanks!!!!

Resolved Question: How do you hang pictures and curtain rods?
I am totally not know when it comes to hanging curtain rods and ensuring that a picture doesn't fall off the wall. Can you help me on what I need to do? If I used a power drill do I just force screws into the wall with the drills to hang the curtain rods?

Resolved Question: New ideas for curtain rods?
had seen enough of rods fixed on walls for window/door curtains.any new ideas? for hanging then?

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