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Resolved Question: DIY - Hanging Window Treatments?
I just bought a new house; but, there are no window coverings (or fittings) existing. I would like to hang curtains and perhaps blinds in the windows; but, I don't know how to measure appropriately so that the rod is well-placed and the curtains are long enough. Any advice?

Resolved Question: Ideas for window treatment?
I have a huge room serving as my dining room and living room. Combined there are 7 windows, as you can see it could be very expensinve and not so pleasent to have all those windows with curtains... Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?

Resolved Question: What is window treatments?

Resolved Question: Ideas for Window treatment please?
I have two 34" wide windows in the bedroom with 37" distance between them. What type of curtains should I go for? 2 pairs (1 on each side and 2 in the middle) or 1 pair (1 on each side and nothing in the middle? or even voile curtains in te midlle?) Thanks

Resolved Question: What window treatments?
would you suggest for a new home that needs some sort of covering for 12 windows?

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