Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Shutters
Resolved Question: Need help with Shutter!?
I hate shutter. Yep I do. I dont understand it and I wonder if I ever will. I have read tons and Im still just as lost as day one. I have a project for school. I need a picture (that is in motion) I nedd the background to be blurry and the object in perfect focus ( but moving) and then I also need the opposite. I dont know what I should use or even how to do it. I have a Canon Rebel Xti. Is the shutter mode me A mode? ANY adivce is better than what i have. I dont even know what I am going to take the picture of.

Resolved Question: What are different types of shuttering used?

Resolved Question: Do leaf shutters affect the aperture?
Leaf shutters and diaphragms look the same to me.

Resolved Question: What is shutter speed?
1.what is shutter speed?no clue what it is... 2.what is a good digital camera, i have some experience but i want a good camera that is under $250

Resolved Question: What is shutter speed?
What is shutter speed on a camcorder?

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