Window Scarves

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Window Scarves
Resolved Question: What to do with a window scarf?
I put a window scarf and finials, however, the scarf keeps sliding off. What can I do?

Resolved Question: What's a good color to use for a window scarf?
My bedroom walls are white(it's an apt so I can't paint them 🙁 and my quilt is green(like sage green) and so are my pillow shams, and window sheer panels, and I want to add a window scarf of a different color in order to bring a little more life to the room so, what color would go with the green I already have on my sheer panels? Oh...I almost forgot to mention that my sheets are ivory, and that I prefer more pastel colors as opposed to dark ones. Any decorators around? or anyone got suggestions? Thanx.

Resolved Question: How do you hang scarf window treatments?
so i am remodeling my room and i didnt want curtains i wanted scarf curtains. scarf curtains are the kind that are just for looks. its like a long scarf that hangs over the window for show. but they are so hard to hang up and to make them look nice! i was woundering if any one had any techniques or maybe some one is an interior disigner and could help me. thank you!

Resolved Question: Can a window scarf be used alone or does it need to be used with other panels?
I want to get a sheer window scarf but would I need to buy two other sheer panels to go under it?

Resolved Question: How to FAN a window scarf?
How to fan a window scarf

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