Window Shades

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Window Shades
Resolved Question: Window shades?
Why do cabin crew insist that the window shades are all 'up' during take-off and landing?

Resolved Question: Sticky plastic window shading?
need to cover out of reach windows with textured plastic sticky paper

Resolved Question: Projectors screens? (window shades)?
could you use a black out window shade as a projector screen. if not why not? And whats the difference?

Resolved Question: We need to replace many Pella window shades....?
...Any other sources since Pella's estimate was CRAZY high!? We have a houseful of Pella wood-cased windows with shades between the 2 panes of glass. All have suffered from solar damage and must be replaced. Pella's quotes are much higher than we're able to afford so we're looking for alternate manufacturers or alternatives.

Resolved Question: Window shades/blinds or curtains?
I need to put coverage on my 3 windows which are very close to each other(but not aligned on the same plane) in the dinning room. I need to open the coverage everyday to let sun rays come in and need to cover it during night. I am wondering how long the life span of those blinds/shades are since I need to pull them up and down every day? If I Put curtains, they are very close to each other, and have to use 3 rods, I am afraid they will look tooo crowded. The windows are narrow and long(29x70). Can I get some advices? Thank you! I need to pull the whole coverage up or aside. Cannot just turn it to let rays in. Thanks.

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