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Resolved Question: Help finding a beige chiffon window sheer?
A year ago I found this beige chiffon window sheer set at Target. I need to add two more panels for my window set. Since purchasing them, I haven't been able to find them on the website or in Target stores. Any idea of another place that might sell these? Thanks!

Resolved Question: Window sheer colour choice for modern traditional decor?
My wall colour is Benjamin Moore "Chelsea Gray" and the windows are framed in a medium toned oak. I have an art print that has copper/bronze tones so I went with that for side panels. The only white in the room is the ceiling so I think white would look strange. Should I be matching the wall colour for Sheer panels, matching the tone of the side panels or a completely different colour? Help please!

Resolved Question: Anybody know of any 54 inch long white window sheers?
All the window sheers that I find online are really long. I also read something saying that sheers should be about twice the length of your window so that they can be folded correctly, but what do they mean by 'folded'?

Resolved Question: What would be the ideal window sheer for an office?

Resolved Question: Sheer on all windows?
Oh, and if it makes a difference...the wall colors are red/orange, blue, and brown. All with hardwood floors. Can I do just sheer curtains on all of my windows in my dining room, living room, and den? Or is that a big no no? These rooms are all right next to each other.. Is it okay to do just sheer coverings, or do you have to add curtains too?

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